Paradiddle Patterns

In this section you will find 7,708 paradiddles with 4 mp3 audio examples each at a different tempo, each pattern will also contain a midi file to download.


All paradiddle exercises are played with right hand on ride cymbal and left hand on snare. Keep in mind that both hands can alternate between ride/hi-hat and snare drum. If you are lefthanded turn everything around; right becomes left, left becomes right.

Playing alternatives

  • 2 hi-hats: right hand on second hi-hat, left hand on first hi-hat
  • 2 cymbals: both hands on different sounding ride cymbals
  • left hand on left ride cymbal, right hand on second hi-hat
  • right hand cowbell, left hand hi-hat
  • ...
Other ways to play:
  • never let your right hand play a surface (tom-tom, hi-hat, cymbal, ...) twice in sequence
  • play right hand 2 times on the same surface
  • with your right hand, never play a cymbal (or crash)
  • left hand stays on snare, accent every 2 and 4 beats, ghost all other notes