Drum Lessons

eDrumBeats is all about drumming. Here you will find many lessons and learn through sheet music, mp3 audio and GM midi loops. If you are not sure how a certain rhythm sounds like, you can listen to the mp3 audio examples. Each beat contains an mp3 audio example.

All midi loops can be downloaded for free and can be used to

  • play along with
  • create drum tracks
  • get inspired
  • create your own drum groove

Musicians, Composers

This website is not only for drummers, musicians and composers seeking GM midi drum files have come to the right place too. They can search for royalty free drum related midi loops. These fils can be imported into music notation software such as Finale and Sibelius, or into a digital audo workstation like Cubase, Cakewalk, Fruity Loops Studio. Once imported, you can modify these files to your need and use them in your own muscial compositions. You can experiment with lots of midi files to find a drum pattern or drum fill that fits your composition.

If you are searching for a beat you can quickly search a pattern via the Rock, Jazz or Blues index pages.